The Watcher, the. Vigilant One

Symbol: Staring eye with blue pupil on the front of upright war gauntlet
Alignment: Lawful neutral Helm.jpg
Portfolio: Guardians, protectors, protection

Helm (helm) is an unflinching and dedicated deity. He is often viewed as emotionless and unconcerned with moral issues in the face of duty. However, he is merely dedicated to his work and takes pride in putting his work ahead of all other things. He is fond of children and more tolerant of their minor infractions than of anyone else’s. Many believe that Helm would give his own life to guard something entrusted to him. He is silent on the matter.

Helm’s churches are often located near dangerous and evil areas, where they form a line of defense against the encroachment of powerful enemies. Major cities usually have a temple or shrine to Helm, for his clerics make excellent guards or leaders of guards. His church spreads the word that only Helm’s clerics and their students are truly worthy and reliable guardians. His church and the church of Torm are coolly hostile rivals. Each church sees the other as a usurper of its chosen duties.

Clerics of Helm pray for their spells in the morning promptly after rising or just before retiring for the evening. Their one holy day is the Ceremony of Honor to Helm, which takes place on Shieldmeet. They observe important ceremonies when a cleric rises in rank or seeks to renew faith after a shortcoming. They have a strict military hierarchy, and every cleric can easily determine his rank relative to other clerics. Clerics of Helm never command undead. They most commonly multiclass as fighters or paladins.

History/Relationships: Helm saw his influence wane after the Time of Troubles and when news reached Faerun of how his church handled the land of Maztica to the west. Helm’s faith is waxing again as evil organizations and countries have strengthened and begun to expand their influence. Helm is a staunch ally of Torm (despite the difficulties between their churches). He opposes deities of destruction and deceit and has renewed efforts against his old enemy Bane.

Dogma: Never betray your trust. Be vigilant. Stand, wait, and watch carefully. Be fair and diligent in the conduct of your orders. Protect the weak, poor, injured, and young, and do not sacrifice them for others or yourself. Anticipate attacks and be ready. Know your foes. Care for your weapons so they may perform their duties when called upon. Careful planning always defeats rushed actions in the and. Always obey orders, providing those orders follow the dictates of Helm. Demonstrate excellence and purity of loyalty in your role as a guardian and protector.


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