Wonderbringer, Lord of All Smiths

Symbol: A toothed metal, bone, or wood cog with four spokes
Alignment: Neutral (any character can choose Gond as a patron deity)
Portfolio: Artifice, craft, construction, smithworkGond.jpg

Gond (gahnd) is a driven and energetic deity who is fascinated with making the theoretical real. He often becomes so focused on his current project that he doesn’t realize the long-term consequences or implications of its use. He pushes Oghma to allow new inventions onto the face.of Toril, and he often makes shady deals (paying in promises of later goods or favors) to get the strange materials he sometimes needs.

The church of Gond works to make sure the secrets of smokepowder and other related materials remain proprietary, eliminating rivals with sabotage, diplomacy, and financial influence. The church accepts people of any alignment as long as they are interested in crafting and craftsmanship. Clerics of any alignment may serve Gond. Clerics arc discouraged from settling in one place, and they travel to discover inventions in other areas. Many support themselves by selling ammunition for smokepowder weapons, and high-quality manufactured materials such as bells, lenses, clocks, and so on, while others work ascengineers and craftsfolk. Traveling clerics establish caches of goods, invest in promising craftsfolk, and acquire or copy samples of new inventions they find. Gond’s temples are said to be linked by portals, allowing them to easily share information and materials.

Clerics of Gond pray for their spells in the morning before the morning meal. Their one holy festival is the Ippensheir, which occurs during the twelve days after Greengrass. At this time they exhibit inventions, share innovations, feast, and drink. One of their stranger rituals occurs when they discover a new invention. The discovering cleric is charged to make two copies of it: one to be stored in a temple and the other to be smashed or burned as an offering to Gond. Some clerics multiclass as rogues, but only out of an interest in lockpicks and other small tools.

History/Relationships: Gond is an enigmatic deity. He serves Oghma but is so independent of his superior that many forget their relationship. He is friendly with Lathander, Oghma, Waukeen, and Tempus, for his inventions relate directly to creativity, knowledge, profit, and war. His only true foe is Talos, whose unhindered destruction threatens not only Gond’s inventions but Gond’s dominion over devices of destruction.

Dogma: Actions count. Intentions and thought are one thing, but it is the result that is most important. Talk is for others, while those who serve Gond do. Make new things that work. Become skilled at some craft, and practice making things until you can create devices, to suit any situation. Question and challenge the unknown with new devices. New inventions should be elegant and useful. Practice experimentation and innovation, and encourage these virtues in others. Keep records of your strivings, ideas, and sample devices so that others may follow your work and improve on what you leave behind.


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