Tictoktarian Blackgear

L4 Deep Gnome Wizard (Sage)


Amulet of the Weave – Created by ancient Netherese wizards, this item is an actual piece of the Weave made substantial. As such, it never becomes dirty and is always gleaming. Its form also subtly shifts over time, but it always remains a necklace set with a large ruby that has a magical inner glow.
Property (Attuned) If you are a wizard, the amulet gives you an extra spell slot of the highest level spell you can cast.

Wand of Magic Detection – This wand is tapered ivory with a platinum tip. It has 3 charges. While holding it, you can expend 1 charge as an action to cast the detect magic spell from it. The wand regains 1d3 expended charges after a long rest..


Alignment Neutral
Deity None
Gender Male
Hair Green
Eyes Dark brown
Height 3’10"
Weight 85 lbs
Languages Common, Gnome, Undercommon, Dwarf, Chondathan

Tictok is 3’10 and 85lbs. He has wild green hair. He wears glasses with built-in magnification. He has a light brown Vest with brass trim and a white dress shirt underneath with a black bow tie, and an odd but expensive looking pocket watch fills his right breast pocket. Loose dark red robes with grey trim drape over him.

Tictok was once proud, kind, and full of hope. But after his ordeal he has been driven to anger, hard to trust others, and acts above other dumber creatures. He likes people to know his mind is great. And has the great urge to retrieve his Clockwork Golem blueprints and destroy those who took it from him

Back story
Tictoktarian, or Tictok as his friends know him, is a gnome wizard who trained under the great mage Cirion. He grew up in Blingdenstone with a very bright future. He was extremely intelligent and always wanted to know how things work. He would always take things apart, from clocks to toads, and would get to know every part of them. Early in life he made his very own pocket watch from trash he found on the streets. He cherished it deeply and has almost a supernatural bond with it.

His gifts were not going unnoticed. A great mage named Cirion found his curiosity to his liking and took him in as his own apprentice, teaching him the ways of the arcane. Tictok enjoyed his time with the mage greatly anddid his teachings justice with every spell learned and every ounce of knowledge gained. Tictok was in the middle of a great invention, a clockwork golem, and Cirion was glowing with pride when he found the blueprints to this new challenge set before his young pupil. But before the ground work was laid, Blingdenstone home came under attack by the evil drow of Menzoberranzan. Trying to defend their home, Cirion fell holding the blueprints. Tictok was captured and separated from his life’s work. Tiktoc escaped the city alive and made his way to the surface, spending time in the dwarven Mithral Keep before leaving to explore the surface world.

Tictoktarian Blackgear

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