Gardain Balderk

L4 Hill Dwarf Paladin (Priest)


Hew – A double headed battle axe, created centuries ago by a hill dwarf that had trouble with dryads in a forest that he cut wood. The axe is +1 to hit and damage and it does maximum damage to plant creatures and objects made of wood.


Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Deity Tempus
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Dark brown
Height 4’10"
Weight 185 lbs
Age 45
Languages Common, Dwarven, Goblin, Elven

Gardain is obsessive compulsive about battle and seeks to sear every foe into his memory, thus the taking of trophies from every battle.

This also leads to his second trait which is annoyance. He can tell stories and memories of battles to the point of driving the listener crazy. Although this makes him sound boastful his goal is actually to burn the battle into his memory and to relive the glory of his enemies in valiant combat.

Gardain holds the glory of single combat above all else, as long as it is done in an honorable way.

Gardain’s most prized possession is his holy symbol, as he feels it was touched by Tempus himself when his holy vows were taken.

Gardain does not flaunt or discuss it, but he will never refuse an honorable challenge to battle by a single foe.



Back story

Gardain Balderk is one of the largest dwarves in the Silver March, standing 4’10’ and weighing 185lbs. Because of his size, Gardain was always in demand as a youngster for use in the mines as well as on the few farmsteads in his clan’s domain. One farmer asked Gardain to accompany him to Silverymoon to stand guard at his stall in the market. After a successful week at market, the farmer and Gardain were returning home with an empty wagon and full purses when they were set upon by bandits. Gardain did his best to defend the farmer but had no training in the ways of battle. He was hit with a mortal wound and lay bleeding in the roadway as he watched the bandits disappear into the woods. Gardain saw a group of humans riding up to him when he passed out. He awoke in a bed with an acolyte changing a dressing on his chest. The group of humans who found Gardain were worshipers of Tempus and knew enough of the healing arts to bring him safely to the local temple. Gardain was furious with himself for failing to guard the farmer of his clan, and asked the temple to allow him to train with them in both spiritual and martial capacities. Gardain began training as a priest and excelled quickly. One night, in a dream, Gardain saw himself on several battlefields, not only healing the wounded but engaging in the battles and smiting enemies with the glowing light of Tempus’ power! He awoke in a fever, and ran to request audience with the High Priest immediately. On his way past the alter, Gardain saw the High Priest was at prayers already, and by himself which was uncommon. As Gardain approached the High Priest, his longsword began to glow and vibrate as if with life and longing! As Gardain drew his sword, the High Priest beckoned him to the alter, and Gardain swore an oath to Tempus as he felt the power and glory wash through his body.

Gardain Balderk

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