Merchant’s Friend

Symbol: Gold coin with Waukeen’s profile facing left
Alignment: Neutral Waukeen.jpg
Portfolio: Trade, money, wealth

Waukeen (wah-keen) is a relatively young, vibrant, vivacious deity who is eager to get things done. She loves wealth not for itself but for what can be done and acquired with it. She enjoys bargaining
and the hustle and bustle of the marketplace. She rules over deals done above and below the table, legitimate as well as black-market commerce. She is interested in innovation, but can also be stubborn and persistent, which sometimes gets her into trouble.

Waukeen’s church is wealthy not because it hoards money, but because it invests wisely and
uses its wealth to gain popularity, power, and renown. Waukeen’s clerics travel the world aiding merchants and working with temple moneylenders, coin changers, safe storers, and covert fences. They are required to donate 25% of their income to the church, to invest in all enterprises run by the faithful that have a reasonable hope of succeeding, and to look into investing in the enterprises of businesspeople who arc willing to make sizable offerings to Waukeen. The church is not above using illegal methods to influence trade, but it publicly denies such practices and makes sure that clerics who do such things act subtly.

Clerics of Waukeen pray for spells just before sundown and must initiate their prayers by throwing a coin into a ceremonial bowl or a body of water. The church celebrates, a dozen high festivals spaced over the course of the year that honor accounting, textiles, wealth, generosity, benefactors, finery, deal-making, bounty, magic, guards, craft, and the dark side of wealth (a solemn remembrance of the evils of excess). Clerics often multiclass as bards or rogues to enhance their contacts and negotiating skills.

History/Relationships: Waukeen disappeared during the Time of Troubles, which caused much confusion among her faithful. She reappeared in 1371 DR after she was freed from imprisonment. She had been held in a mortal form against her will in the Abyss by the demon lord Graz’zt. She has since revitalized and reassured her worshipers of her existence and her restored divine power. She is allied with Lliira (who held her portfolio while she was imprisoned), Gond (whose inventions she appreciates), and Shaundakul (whose portfolio complements hers). Her only serious foes are Mask and Graz’zt.

Dogma: Mercantile trade is the best road to enrichment. Increasing the general prosperity buys ever greater civilization and happiness for intelligent folk worldwide, bringing people closer to the golden age that lies ahead. Destroy no trade goods, raise no restrictions to trade, and propagate no malicious rumors that could harm someone’s commerce. Give money freely to beggars and businesses, for the more coin everyone has, the greater the urge to spend and trade rather that hoard. To worship Waukeen is to know wealth. To guard your funds is to venerate her, and to share them well seeds your future success. Call on her in trade, and she will guide you in wise commerce. The bold find gold, the careful keep it, and the timid yield it up.


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