Father of the Uthgardt, Battle Father

Symbol: That of the individual beast totem spirit
Alignment: Chaotic neutral Uthgar.jpg
Portfolio: Uthgardt barbarian tribes, physical strength

Uthgar (uhth-gar) is a proud, fierce, and independent warrior. He has few friends and has remained relatively uninvolved in divine politics. He loves a good joke, enjoys sensual pleasures of the flesh, and likes to hunt, eat, drink, and be merry with the warrior spirits that serve him. Although he is a tireless and methodical tactician, his battle strategies are not terribly inspired. He is driven to win, though, especially if the Uthgardt barbarians (his people) are threatened.

The church of Uthgar is divided among the eleven beast totem spirits that serve Uthgar as intermediaries to the Uthgardt tribes of the Savage Frontier. Uthgar is not worshiped directly, but each tribe venerates one of these servant spirits as the divine embodiment of the spirit of their tribeā€”the symbol of its vitality, wisdom, mystical ability, endurance, speed, and moral nature. Uthgar has neither temples nor shrines, and his clerics can perform necessary ceremonies in any location, though their tribes’ ancestral mounds are their most holy sites. (Each tribe and its beast totem are tied to a particular ancestral mound.) Dogma varies from tribe to tribe depending on the nature of a tribe’s beast totem, but Uthgar’s clerics are responsible for spiritual guidance, performing rituals, healing, the teaching of tribal history and customs, and advising the chieftain. The spring equinox and both solstices are holy days, and all tribes converge upon their ancestral mound (or Beorunna’s Well, the holiest of the ancestral mounds) during the autumn equinox to perform ceremonies, make agreements, and commune with ancestral spirits.

Clerics of Uthgar pray at dawn or sunset. They are almost exclusively male, and each worships the beast totem spirit of his tribe. Rather than follow the one step rule, clerics of Uthgar (and those who rate him as a patron deity) must abide by the somewhat broader alignment guidelines of the beast totems who mediate between Uthgar and his people. Any alignment that fits the guideline for a beast totem is suitable for a cleric of Uthgar of that totem. The names and alignment guidelines of the totems are Black Lion (nonevil), Black Raven (nonchaotic), Blue Bear (nonlawful, nonevil), Elk (nonlawful), Gray Wolf (nonlawful), Great Worm (good), Griffon (nonevil), Red Tiger/Snow Cat (nonlawful, nonevil), Sky Pony (nonevil), Tree Ghost (nongood, nonevil), and Thunderbeast (nonevil).

History/Relationships: Uthgar was once a mortal Northlander who gained fame and founded a dynasty of barbarians, the Uthgardt. Sponsored by Tempus to divinity at his death, he counts the Lord of Battles as his only ally. Uthgar dislikes Helm, Ilmater, Torm, and Tyr, for they have stolen away the devotion of all but one cleric of the Black Lion tribe. He holds Malar responsible for the destruction of the Blue Bear tribe (a fragment of which survives as the new Tree Ghost tribe), and he hates Auril for turning the Elk tribe away from his worship.

Dogma: Strength is everything. Civilization is weakness. Men should fight, hunt, and raid from the weak to provide for their wives and families. Family is sacred, and its bonds are not cast aside lightly. Arcane magic is effete, self-indulgent, and ultimately leads to weakness. Reliance upon arcane magic is an evil and false path that leads to death and ruin. Revere Uthgar, your ancestors, and your tribe’s beast spirit. The beast holds wisdom and raw power that you can make your own. Make the others of your tribe fear and respect your power and knowledge so they heed the wise words your ancestors speak through you to them.


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