The Bitch Queen, Queen of the Deeps

Symbol: Blue-green wave curling left and right
Alignment: Chaotic evil Umberlee.jpg
Portfolio: Oceans, currents, waves, sea winds

Umberlee (uhm-ber-lee) is a malicious, mean, and evil deity who breaks agreements on a whim and takes great pleasure in watching others die by drowning or in the jaws of sea predators. Vain and desirous of flattery, she is excessively greedy for power and revels in exercising it. Weresharks are her creations, and theirs is one of the few races that worship her out of admiration rather than fear.

Umberlant temples are mainly vehicles for sailors and merchants to make offerings of candles, flowers, candies, or coins to appease the Bitch Queen’s wrath. Her clerics support themselves with these offerings and sometimes hire themselves out aboard ships as guardians, since sailors think Umberlee won’t take one of her own. The church of Umberlee is disorganized and run differently in different locales. Its clerics are given to dueling each other to settle disputes of rank or ability. The church spreads respect for the goddess by preaching of the doom she has wrought on those that ignore her.

Umberlant clerics pray for spells at high tide (in the morning or evening). Their two public rituals are the First Tide and the Stormcall. The first involves a parade through town with a caged animal, which is then tied to a rock and hurled into the sea. If it reaches shore alive, it is treated as a sacred animal for the rest of its days. Stormcall is a mass prayer to summon or turn aside a storm. Its participants pray around pools upon which float candles on driftwood planks, and throw sacrifices into the pools.

History/Relationships: Umberlee is one of the Gods of Fury. She serves Talos, along with Auril and Malar, Talos has been encroaching upon her portfolio, and since she lacks the strength to fight him, Umberlee has been trying to distract him with romantic intrigues. She fights Selune and Valkur (to whom sailors pray to bring them home safely), Chauntea (for her dominion over land), and Sune (whose beauty she envies).

Dogma: The sea is a savage place, and those that travel it had best be willing to pay the price of challenging Umberlee’s domain. Fair offerings bring fair winds to sea travelers, but these that do not pay their respects will find that the sea is as cold as Umberlee’s heart. Spread the word of the might of Umberlee, and let no service be done in her name without a price. Make folk fear the wind and wave unless a cleric of Umberlee is there to protect them. Slay those who ascribe sea and shore storms to Talos.


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