The True, the True Deity, the Loyal Fury

Symbol: Right-hand gauntlet held upright with palm forward
Alignment: Lawful good Torm.jpg
Portfolio: Duty, loyalty, obedience, paladins

Torm (torm) is a stern, righteous, and unyielding deity who leads the fight against evil and injustice. His heart is filled with goodness, and he is kind and gentle when dealing with faithful friends, the weak, and the young. His greatsword “Duty’s Bond” is the same holy avenger he carried when he was a mortal.

Torm’s church is popular and served by several orders of warriors and paladins. The church trains, guides, provides sanctuary for, and supports guardians, loyal knights, paladins, and loyal courtiers. It sends agents to ferret out corruption in good groups, watch for impending trouble from hostile opponents, or seek out potential servitors of Torm, A few clergy of his church are assigned to explore Toril and report back so that the guardians learn more of the outside world. Each cleric must follow the three debts of the Penance of Duty, which are aiding other good religions, opposing
all efforts of the followers of Bane and Cyric, and reporting and repairing areas of wild and dead magic. Torm’s church has a cool rivalry with that of Helm.

Clerics of Torm pray for their spells at dawn. Torm’s holy days are the Divine Death, a remembrance ceremony marking when Torm died to destroy Bane on the 15th day of Eleasias; the joyous feast called the True Resurrection, which commemorates when he returned from the dead on the 15th day of Marpenoth as a reward for his sacrifice; and the oath-making or oath-renewing event of Shieldmeet.

History/Relationships: Torm was once a mortal champion of a good king. He obeyed all commands, regardless of any danger to himself. He now serves as war leader and champion of Tyr. Torm, Tyr, and Ilmater work together often and are called the Triad. Torm’s other allies are Helm (despite the conflicts between their churches), the Red Knight, and Lathander, and he opposes Bane, Cyric, and Mask. Torm is particularly combative with Bane, because it was Torm that battled Bane to the two deities’ mutual destruction during the Godswar. Torm is incensed to see his return.

Dogma: Salvation may be found through service. Every failure of duty diminishes Torm and every success adds to his luster. Strive to maintain law and order. Obey your masters with alert judgment and anticipation. Stand ever alert against corruption. Strike quickly and forcefully against rot in the hearts of mortals. Bring painful, quick death to traitors. Question unjust laws by suggesting improvement or alternatives, not additional laws. Your fourfold duties are to faith, family, masters, and all good beings of Faerun.


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