Lord of Battles, Foehammer

Symbol: A blazing silver sword on a blood-red shield
Alignment: Chaotic neutral Tempus.jpg
Portfolio: War, battle, warriors

Tempus (tem-pus) is random in his support, but his chaotic nature ends up favoring all equally in time. The god of war is liable to back one army one day and another one the next. Soldiers of all alignments pray to him for help in coming battles. Mighty and honorable in battle, he answers to his own warrior’s code and pursues no long-lasting alliances. He has never been known to speak. He uses the spirits of fallen warriors as intermediaries.

The church of Tempus welcomes worshipers of all alignments (though its clerics abide by the normal rules), and its temples are more like walled military compounds. Tempus’s clerics are charged to keep warfare a thing of rules and respected reputation, minimizing uncontrolled bloodshed and working to end pointless extended feuding. They train themselves and others in battle readiness in order to protect civilization from monsters, and they punish those who fight dishonorably or with cowardice. Collecting and venerating the weapons of famous and respected warriors is a common practice in Tempus’s church. Clerics are expected to spill a few drops of blood (preferably their own or a worthy foe’s) every tenday.

Tempus’s clerics pray for spells just before highsun. Most of his clerics tend to be battle-minded male humans, although others are welcome. Eves and anniversaries of great battles important to a local temple are holidays. The Feast of the Moon is the annual day to honor the dead. Each temple holds a Feast of Heroes at highsun and a Song of the Fallen at sunset, and most also have a Song of the Sword ceremony after dark for layfolk.

History/Relationships: Tempus arose from the first battle between Selune and Shar. He sponsored the divinity of the Red Knight and is casually friendly with Nobanion, Gond, Valkur, and Uthgar. While he is the opposite of peaceful Eldath, he punishes those among his faithful who abuse her followers or sites, perhaps because he thinks that war has little meaning without peace to contrast it. His only foe is the upstart Garagos.

Dogma: Tempus does not win battles, he helps the deserving warrior win battles. War is fair in that it oppresses and aids all equally. It should not be feared, but seen as a natural force, a storm brought by civilization. Arm all for whom battle is needful, even foes. Retreat from hopeless fights but never avoid battle. Slay one foe decisively and halt a battle quickly rather than rely upon slow attrition. Remember the dead that fell before you. Disparage no foe and respect all, for valor blazes in all regardless of age, sex, or race. Tempus looks with favor upon those that acquit themselves honorably in battle without resorting to craven tricks. Consider the consequences of the violence of war, and do not wage war recklessly. The smoothtongued that avoid all strife wreak more harm than the most energetic tyrant.


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