The Destroyer, the Storm Lord

Symbol: An explosive lightning strike
Alignment: Chaotic evil Talos.jpg
Portfolio: Storms, destruction, rebellion, conflagrations, earthquakes, vortices

Talos (taahl-ose) personifies the destructive aspects of nature. He is an angry, ragefilled deity that acts on his impulses and often acts just so that he doesn’t appear weak or compromising to anyone. He exults in unhindered destruction and in many ways is like a twisted bully with incredible power and a short temper who proves his worth to himself by pounding upon those who cannot oppose him.

Talos’s church is small and scattered, for worship of the Storm Lord is outlawed in many countries. His followers are fanatical in their love of destruction and are unafraid to call storms upon ships, towns, or cities in the name of their crazed deity. Talos’s clerics often live like brigands, wandering from place to place demanding loot and threatening great destruction if they don’t get it. They cow people into worshiping and placating Talos out of fear, and they occasionally recruit a new cleric into the fold. The few lands where Talos has openly established churches vacillate between cordiality and open hostility to them, which pleases Talos no end.

Clerics of Talos pray for their spells at different times of the day over the course of a year, with the time varying with Talos’s whim (he rarely has them stick with the same time of day for more than a tenday). His clerics celebrate his annual festivals with great ceremonies that call down lightning and summon storms. Their most sacred ritual is Calling Down the Thunder, in which they slay anintelligent being by lightning. The most frequently seen ritual is the Fury, in which a cleric prays, then makes berserk attacks on people
and items while howling Talos’s name, followed by praying again (if the cleric survives).

History/Relationships: Talos was formed from the first battle between Selune and Shar. He is now the leader of the Gods of Fury, although he has rivalries with the other three, and Malar would kill him if he could. Talos has a history of elevating powerful mortals to divinity and then forcing them to deplete themselves in his service. He tried to assume dominion over wild and destructive magic but was opposed by Mystra. He has abandoned this quest due to the neutralization of most wild magic areas. He hates deities that promote building, learning, and nature, and particularly hates those that would dare to alter the weather.

Dogma: Life is a combination of random effects and chaos, so grab what you can when you can, because Talos may take you to the afterlife at any moment. Preach the might of Talos, and warn others of the forces he commands. Walk unafraid in storms, forest fires, earthquakes, and other disasters, for the power of Talos protects you. Make others fear Talos by showing the destruction he and his servants can cause. Let those who mock or do not believe know that fervent prayer is the only thing that will save them.


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