Firehair, Lady Firehair

Symbol: Face of a red-haired, ivory-skinned beautiful woman
Alignment: Chaotic good Sune.jpg
Portfolio: Beauty, love, passion

Sune (soo-nee) is the fairest of goddesses. Benevolent and sometimes whimsical, she has been romantically tied to many of the other deities of Faerun. She alternates between deep passions and casual flirtations, enjoys attention and sincere flattery, and avoids anyone who is horrific or boorish. She loves and protects her followers, who in turn manifest and protect the beauty of the world.

The church of Sune is a loose and informal organisation. Generally, the most attractive and charismatic clerics readily rise to lead it. Sune’s temples are always beautiful and are constructed with numerous picturesque paths and promenades and surprising and enchanting nooks in which to share moments of love, beauty, and passion. Sune’s clerics sponsor artisans, build friendships and romances with themselves and among others, and destroy those who vandalize tilings of beauty. Sune has seen the benefits of Tymora’s patronage of adventurers and wishes to tap into this source of worshipers, so the church supports gallant knights and explorers who are willing to search for lost jewels and priceless works of art—or who are on missions to rescue their true loves.

Sune’s clerics pray in the morning after a refreshing scented bath (or after at least washing their hands), Greengrass and Midsummer Night are Sunite holy days, and the church holds a Grand Revel at least once a month. A Grand Revel is a large party with dancing, poetry recitation, and heartrendingly beautiful or soulfully rousing music to which outsiders are invited with the intent to attract converts. The influx of adventurers into Sune’s clergy has reduced the huge former gender disparity in the church so that now females only outnumber males four to one.

History/Relationships: Sune is allied with the deities of joy, lust, poetry, youth, and the moon. She is served by Lliira and was also served by Selune, who has now once again gone her own way. Sune’s nature makes it difficult for any being to be angry with her for long, and so she has no true enemies, although she dislikes Auril, Malar, Talos, Umberlee, Talona, and Tempus, for they are often responsible for the destruction of beautiful things. (Tempus finds her dislike not worth reciprocating, since he considers her irrelevant, flighty, and not worth the conflict.)

Dogma: Beauty issues from the core of one’s being and reveals one’s true face to the world, fair or foul. Believe in romance, as true love will win over all. Follow your heart to your true destination. Perform a loving act each day, and seek to awaken love in others. Acquire beautiful items of all sorts, and encourage and protect those who create them. Let your appearance stir and delight those who look upon you. Love those who respond to your appearance, and let warm friendship and admiration flower where love cannot or dare not.


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