Silver Marches

The Arn Forest

The Arn is a pine forest that turns to scrub and then thins to nothing as it approaches the Anauroch desert. Rumours speak of a well hidden rock gnome settlement within the forest.

The Cold Wood

Avoided by most civilized people due to it’s proximity to a range of mountains full of bloodthirsty orcs. Uthgardt barbarians, trolls and ettins are known to wander these woods, however.

The Druarwood

Much like the Cold Wood, the Druarwood has a poor reputation, abutting the Spine of the World. Trees grow sparse the further one travels north towards the peaks and glaciers of the Spine. Giants and dire predator animals call the woods home.

The Moonwood

This southern reaches of this dense wood is fairly free of humanoids, though both moon elves and wood elves have small bands here. The Sky Pony tribe also live here, as it is home to their ancestor mound, One Stone. It is said lycanthropes prowl the north parts of the forest.

The Moonlands

Densely settled along the Rauvin River, the land quickly grows wild north of the river. Uthgardt barbarians lay claim to much of the Moonlands. In the northern reach of this territory lies Beorunna’s Well, the ancestor mound of the Black Lion and Red Tiger tribes. The Black Lion tribe appears to have recently settled at Beorunna’s Well, giving up the nomadic ways of the Uthgardt.

Nether Mountains

Orcs plague this range of mountains, as well as clan of blue dragons. Stories of caches of ancient Netherese magic lie in these mountains, but few wish to investigate due to the amazing abundance of monsters that roam the area.

The Moon Pass is an ancient gorge allows both river and foot passage through the mountains, but the walls of the pass have eroded away, opening caverns from beneath the mountains, and Underdark creatures are often encountered there, making it a very dangerous area.

Silverymoon Pass lies in the western portion of the range, linking the cities of Silverymoon and Sundabar. Patrols from both cities ride the pass, keeping it clear of monsters and bandits, but it is often closed in the winter due to the threat of avalanche.

Turnstone Pass sees little traffic since the citadel of Ascalhorn was overcome by fiends 500 years ago and become Hellgate Keep. Hellgate Keep was recently destroyed, but it is said demonfae still haunt the pass.

The Night Trees

This dark, silent forest is avoided by all. Plant monsters of all types, even those that shouldn’t be found in such a cold climate, live here.

Old Delzoun

Old Delzoun is a region of two great valleys on either side of the Rauvins, the south valley known as Sundabar Vale and the north one is called Adbar Run.

Sundabar Vale is settled with many smaller holds and villages around the city of Sundabar. River Rauvin also flows here from out of the mountain range. West of the Rauvin is not well settled, as Citadel Felbarr was recently held by orcs. Now that dwarves have retaken the citadel, new settlements that way are soon expected.

Adbar Run is home to the Sky Pony Uthgardt tribe. The valley is mostly untamed wilderness.

Rauvin Mountains

This range of purple-hued mountains rise up to eight thousand feet above the Old Delzoun valleys. The range is lousy with orcs, armies of the humanoids pouring down every few decades. Two warring tribes, the Tornskulls and the Heart Takers, constant fight over what little resources the mountains hold, and when those give out, both tribes look to the valleys below.

Dead Orc Pass leads through the Rauvins where the River Rauvin spills down from them, it’s source a waterfall known as Rainbow Gorge.

The lower southern slope of the range is home to countless goblins. They often join the orcs when they invade the lower valley.

Rauvin Vale

This vale is the heart of the Silver Marches, following the River Rauvin as it flows south. Everlund Pass connects Silverymoon and Everlund along the foothills of the Nether Mountains. The River Rauvin sees much trade traffic and fishing boats and some craft are towed upstream by beasts of burden along towpaths, especially along the steep Moon Pass Gorge.

The Silverwood

This forest has been heavily logged, and once joined the High Forest to the south. What hasn’t been logged is tangled thickets on steep terrain. Trolls and other monsters wander the woods.

Vordrorn Forest

This pine and muskeg forest is haunted by undead, especially incorporeal spirits. Ancient Illuskan towers and dungeons lie in the woods, but those that once used them in life protect them in death.

Silver Marches

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