Rider of the Winds, the Helping Hand

Symbol: A wind-walking bearded man in traveler’s cape and boots
Alignment: Chaotic neutral Shaundakul.jpg
Portfolio: Travel, exploration, long-range traders, portals, miners, caravans

Shaundakul (shawn-da-kul) is a deity of few words, letting his deeds speak for him. Kind but stern, he has a rugged sense of humor. Because he is sometimes lonely, he enjoys talking and trading jokes. He has a habit of rescuing doomed adventurers (particularly in Myth Drannor), although the price for this help is a service, usually involving the destruction of an evil being in his favorite city (which is Myth Drannor). His worship is on an upswing, and he is very aggressive in recruiting new members to the faithful.

Shaundakul’s church is loosely organized, and its branches are largely independent. Because the clergy members love to wander, the temples constantly have new clerics arrive as others leave. Members of the clergy are expected to live off the land and work as guides and protectors of travelers, caravans, and mining expeditions. Ever since Shaundakul added portals to his portfolio, his clerics have been tasked with locating and identifying portals that would be useful for trade and exploration. Shaundakul has few temples. He prefers shrines, most of which are uninhabited and in remote places. He is not commonly worshiped within cities.

Clerics of Shaundakul pray for their spells in the morning right after the wind shifts from the changing temperature. Their holy day is the Windride, which is celebrated on the 15th day of Tarsakh. On this day Shaundakul causes all of his clerics to assume gaseous form at dawn so that they are carried with the wind. They return to normal (and are lowered safely to the ground) at dusk, usually in some place they have never been before.

History/Relationships: Shaundakul is an old deity. He predates the creation of Beshaba and Tymora from Tyche. He is allied with the deities of air, night, sky, nature, and travel, although his portfolio is similar to theirs in places. He opposes Shar because he dislikes secrets and enjoys spreading the word of hidden places. He battles with Beshaba because she has been bringing suffering to the people of the Anauroch Desert under his name.

Dogma: Spread the teachings of the Helping Hand by example. Work to promote him among traders, especially those who seek out new lands and new opportunities. Unearth and resanctify ancient shrines of Shaundakul. Ride the. wind, and let it take you wherever it blows. Aid those in need, and trust in the Helping Hand. Seek out the riches of the earth and sea. Journey to distant horizons. Be the first to see the rising sun, the mountain peaks, the lush valleys. Let your footsteps fall where none have tread.


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