Master of All Thieves, Lord of Shadows

Symbol: Black velvet mask tinged with red
Alignment: Neutral evil Mask.jpg
Portfolio: Thieves, thievery, shadows

Mask (mask) is a self-possessed and confident deity fond of complex plans and intricate plots, although he has trained himself to become more direct because recently his own scheming caused him a great reduction in power and loss of the intrigue portfolio to Cyric. He is wary, but cool, never losing his temper, and he always seems to be holding back a mocking comment. His sword, Steathwhisper, makes no noise and has speed and wounding properties.

Mask’s church is essentially similar to a network of thieves’ guilds. In large cities with several guilds, his temple is often connected to each thieves’ guild by secret tunnels and is considered neutral ground for meetings by all. Mask’s church promotes stealth over open confrontation, leading the more gullible to believe that Mask is dead, A wealthy religion, the church of Mask uses its resources to pay agents, sway agreements, and manipulate, people. Its members spend their time nurturing plots and supporting thieves’ guilds and individual thieves.

Clerics of Mask pray at night in darkness or shadows. At least once a month each major temple performs the Ritual of the Unseen Presence, involving hymns, chanted verse, and offerings of wealth, acknowledging Mask’s constant scrutiny of all deeds, no matter how well hidden.

History/Relationships: Mask is a loner god who prefers to act on his own initiative, although he has occasional alliances with Bane. He hates Cyric for the theft of part of his portfolio and is opposed to Waukeen because of their rival natures. His other foes are the deities of guardians and duty, knowledge, and Selune, from whose light his followers hide while doing their dark work.

Dogma: All that occurs within shadows is in the purview of Mask. Ownership is nine-tenths of what is right, and ownership is defined as possession. The world belongs to the quick, the smooth-tongued, and the light-fingered. Stealth and wariness are virtues, as are glibness and the skill to say one thing and mean another, twisting a situation to your advantage. Wealth rightfully belongs to those who can acquire it. Strive to end each day with more wealth than you began it, but steal what is most vital, not everything at hand. Honesty is for fools, but apparent honesty is valuable. Make every truth seem plausible, and never lie when you can tell the truth but leave a mistaken impression. Subtlety is everything. Manipulation is better than force, especially when you can make people think they have done something on their own initiative. Never do the obvious except to conceal something else. Trust in the shadows, for the bright way makes of you an easy target.


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