The Lord of Flames, the Firelord

Symbol: A twining red flame
Alignment: NeutralKossuth.jpg
Portfolio: Elemental fire, purification through fire

Kossuth (koh-sooth), like the other elemental rulers, is an alien and enigmatic deity. He holds little affection toward his followers on Toril, but he rewards them more frequently for their attention than do his elemental counterparts. He seems to follow a private agenda, but its intended outcome or even its next steps are unknown to any but him. He actively recruits new followers, possibly because they burn out so quickly.

Kossuth’s church is very hierarchical and tends toward a lawful neutral alignment and behavior, depending upon the particular temple. The primary function of the church is to acquire land, wealth, influence, and power, all of which make the church appealing to potential worshipers and draw new people to the faith.

Clerics of Kossuth choose sunrise or highsun as their prayer time. They observe the birthdate of the high priest of their temple as an annual festival and undergo an Oath of Firewalking (wherein they cross a pit of hot coals) every time they gain a level or promotion within the church hierarchy. Three orders of fighting monks (the Disciples of the Phoenix, the Brothers and Sisters of the Pure Flame, and the Disciples of the Salamander, corresponding to lawful good, lawful neutral, and lawful evil) follow Kossuth.

History/Relationships: One of the four elemental rulers worshiped on Toril, Kossuth is prominent because of his many followers among the Red Wizards of Thay. He is less aloof to deities of fire or deities that wield it, but he is violently opposed to Istishia.

Dogma: Those fit to succeed will do so. Kossuth’s faith is innately superior to all other faiths, particularly that of Istishia. Fire and purity are one and the same. Smoke is produced by air in its jealousy. The reward of successful ambition is power. Reaching a higher state is inevitably accompanied by difficulty and personal pain of some sort. Kossuth sends his pure fire to cleanse us all and temper our souls so that we can achieve a pure state. Expect to be tested, and rise to the challenge, no matter what difficulty and pain it brings. Those above you have proven their worth and deserve your service. Guide others to Kossuth’s pure light so that he may reforge all life into its essential form.


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