The High One, Patron of Mages, Lord of Spells

Symbol: Human left hand pointing upward outlined in bluefireAzuth.jpg
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Portfolio: Wizards, mages, spellcasters in general

Azuth (ah-zooth) is the deity of arcane spellcasters, rather than of magic itself: A somber father figure of a god, he has a dry, sardonic wit and appreciates subtle humor. He carries the Old Staff, a divine artifact with the powers of a staff of power and a staff of the magi and the ability to reflect or absorb magic.

His church embraces the use of magic for constructive purposes and tries to acquire copies of every spell ever made (sometimes resorting to spying and temporary theft) so that the loss of a spellcaster doesn’t mean the loss of a unique repertoire of spells. The Azuthan church also sponsors mage fairs, tries to curb the use of destructive or deceitful magic, and gives away spell books and minor magic items to people with the potential to become spellcasters.

Clerics of Azuth pray for their spells at dusk. The only official holy day of the church is the celebration of the ascension of a new Magister; however, meals within a temple are accompanied by the reading of works on the ethics of magic use and the philosophy of magic. Many clerics multiclass as sorcerers or wizards.

History/Relationships: Azuth was the first Magister, the mightiest of mortal wizards. His power was so great that he defeated the deity Savras in a protracted magical battle that lasted on and off for years. He finally imprisoned Savras’s essence in a staff. Azuth later rose to divinity with the help of Mystra, and he has been her servant, friend, and advisor ever since. His subordinates are the specialized Faerunian deities of magic: Savras, freed from the staff, and Velsharoon. He is friendly with deities of knowledge, art, and study, but opposes deities of falsehoods and wanton destruction, such as Cyric.

Dogma: Reason is the best way to approach magic, and magic can be examined and reduced to its component parts through study and meditation. Maintain calm and use caution in your spellcasting and magic use to avoid making mistakes that even magic cannot undo. Use the Art wisely, and always be mindful of when it is best not to use magic. Teach the wielding of magic and dispense learning items throughout Faerun that the use and knowledge of magic may spread. Live and teach the idea that with magical power comes grave responsibility. Learn every new spell you discover and make a copy for the temple library. Do not hoard your knowledge, and encourage creativity in magic in all ways and at all times.


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