Xanos Woodsoul

L4 Human Rogue (Spy)


Scimitar of Fear – This brilliantly crafted blade has an oily sheen to it, and the skull of small bird inside the amber pommel. Created by the shaman of the Great Worm Uthgradt tribe for the chieftain’s half-orc assassin. It was used to good effect during an inter-tribal war hundreds of years ago. Xanos has named the blade Shella, after the acolyte of Silvanus that lost her life to the druid that wielded the scimitar before him.

The scimitar is +1 to attack rolls and damage rolls. While wielding this weapon, you gain proficiency in Intimidate, or expertise in Intimidate if you are already proficient.

You can create a sense of dread in a foe that you hit with the scimitar. The target begins to see you as its greatest fear if it fails a Wisdom saving throw (DC 15). The target becomes frightened and drops what it is holding and must use a Dash action to move away from you, unless there is nowhere to move. If the creature ends its turn in a location where it can’t see you, it can make another Wisdom saving throw to end the effect. this effect recharges after a long rest.


Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Deity Silvanus
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Height 6’0"
Weight 175 lbs
Languages Common, Goblin, Dwarven


Persistence – If a task or job is deemed worthy by Xanos, he’ll pursue it as far as humanly possible.

Audacious – Xanos can be recklessly bold in defiance of convention, propriety or the law.


Freedom – Xanos places a high value on freedom. Whether it be Personal, Societal, or Economic.

The High Forest of the Silver Marches. This is the first place Xanos has felt at peace in as long as he can remember. It is the place he has chosen to be his home. After many years as a slave, choosing a place to call your own is a powerful thing. Xanos will defend his his new home with his life.

Xanos feels shame and hate towards his slave past. He hates slavery and the people who subject others to it. The concept makes him think and act irrationally.

Xanos has shaggy black hair, pale blue eyes, and always seems to have a days worth of facial hair. He wears a light grey cloak with a deep hood that completely obscures his face in shadow. The cloak covers studded leather armor the same shade of grey as his cloak. Xanos carries a well worn long sword on his left hip and a light crossbow on his back. When his cloak is removed, you can see a large tattoo starting at the base of his throat. the tattoo covers slave markings that he was marked with as a child.

Xanos is a rogue for hire now, working for whomever wants questionable things done at the right price. When asked, he would scoff and say he prays to no deity. Deep down he prays to the gods of the forest and thanks them for his freedom. He is a quiet man, with a very dry sense of humor. Under stress he may crack the occasional joke, to himself or anyone in earshot. He wields silence and uses it when attacking when he can.

Captured as a youth by slavers from Thay, Xanos was sold to Zhentil Keep. The Zhents trained him as both a spy and assassin, specializing in removing enemies of the Zhentarim with little or no evidence left behind. The last mission he performed for the Zhentarim was against an elven druid in the High Forest. The druid overcame the attack, but instead of killing his would-be assassin, he noted Xanos’ slave markings and offered to free him from his captivity. The druid gave him a charm that would hide him from magical scrying. It would only last the turn of a season, but that would be enough for the Zhents to likely consider him dead. The druid asked for nothing in return…not immediately, anyway, telling the rogue that there may come a time when he would assistance in kind. Now free, Xanos travelled north and away from Moonsea, looking to sell his services to those that would require them.

Xanos Woodsoul

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