Valas A'Dagon

L4 Drow Cleric (Priest)


Alignment Lawful Neutral
Deity Eilistraee
Gender Male
Age 95
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Height 5’5"
Weight 125 lbs
Languages Common, Elvish, Undercommon, Draconic, Dwarven

Valas can look at the big picture, and understands that accepting an immediate gain is not worth long-term pain.

He is also quite vengeful and will pay back any wrongdoing to him or those he protects or considers friend.

Valas will always protect the innocent and heal the sick and wounded, to the best of his ability in service to Eilistraee.

The shield Valas uses, emblazoned with the holy symbol of Eilistraee, belonged to his slain father, also a devout follower of the goddess. He cherishes it above all else.

Valas will destroy anything that comes from drow culture.

Valas doesn’t usually show his whole face in public, being a surface Drow. He wears all black beaten up old robes and wraps his head in hoods and black cloth, only showing his eyes and brow. While adventuring, Valas will strap his shield to his back, a round shield, black in color with a dark grey symbol of Eilistree covering the front. He usually keeps his mace on his belt, and carries his black crossbow. In battle, Valas will use his mace and shield, with the shield acting as a holy symbol. Under the robes, Valas wears a suit of chainmail armor, with black chain links. He also has a bright blue symbol to Eilistree, which was his father’s, that he keeps hidden under his robes.

Valas is gruff in nature. He speaks his mind and doesn’t compromise his beliefs or values. He keeps his teachings of his church to to heart, healing the sick, protecting the innocent, and promoting life. But because of what he went through, his family was raped and burned alive, and he wasn’t able to stop the Underdark drow from burning his his home a Temple of Eilistraee; he now is very brutal when it comes to those who wrong him. Because of these traits, he usually isn’t trusting at first of new people at first but once someone has earned his trust, he will defend their life with his last breath. Because of this, he is Lawful Neutral in alignment.

Back Story

Valas A'Dagon

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