Berrian Nailo [Deceased]

L2 Wood Elf Monk (Guild Thief)


Keen Senses – You have advantage on WIS (Perception) checks
Fey Ancestry – You have advantage on saving throws against charmed, and magic cannot put you to sleep
Trance – Elves do not sleep; instead, meditate deeply for 4 hours a day
Low-light Vision – see in dim light as well as bright light

Unarmed Strike – 1d6 damage with unarmed attack, count as magical for resistance and immunity
Unarmored Defence – When wearing no armor or shield, add DEX and WIS modifier to AC
Ki – Channel inner energy to power abilities (DC 12), regain after a short or long rest
Flurry of Blows – Can make 2 unarmed strikes per round; can move between attacks if movement for round not used up. Spend 1 Ki point to make a 3rd unarmed strike in a round.

Guild Thief – Thieves’ Cant: Can use and understand the secret language of thieves.

Skills – Acrobatics, Deception, Slight of Hand, Stealth
Tools – Disguise kit, poisoner’s kit, thieves’ tools
Weapons & Armor – Club, dagger, handaxe, light crossbow, longbow, longspear, longsword, quarterstaff, short bow, short sword, sling, spear, unarmed strike and no armor.

Longsword, longbow, 60 arrows, backpack, healer’s kit (10), mess kit, tinderbox, torches (10), rations (10), waterskin, hempen rope (50’), poisoner’s kit, thieves’ tools, disguise kit, traveller’s clothes, 21 gp


Alignment Neutral
Deity None
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Dark brown
Height 5’7"
Weight 95 lbs
Languages Common, Elvish, Thieves’ Cant

Barrian is 5’7" and 95lbs with black hair and dark brown eyes. As a guild thief he dresses mainly in dark browns or black to aid in stealth, and as a monk he has very little in possessions besides his adventuring gear and few weapons.

Barrian is greedy and is adventuring purely for the money to improve his lot in life. He is not interested in things like jewellery or fancy clothes but purely in income to eventually own his own land and stop living in the streets and/or from the avails of the guild. He is fiercely loyal to his brother and wants the same increased standard of living for him. He does not like orcs because of the destruction of his home, but is not single minded in vengeance towards them. Instead, he blames his community for not being prepared enough for the attack and plans to amass enough wealth to build him and his brother a safe place to live in peace. He does not hold particularly to any god and is not in any way pious, as well he is not bent towards the laws of the land. He is not interested in eradicating evil or bringing evil doers to justice, just improving his own position in life.

Back story
Berrian was born in the High Forest, in a small wood elf village where he was mentored by an elder that spent many years in the far eastern realm of Kara-Tur, learning to control his inner life energy in a way that seems magical to those in western Faerûn. But when he was still young, his village was overrun by a band of orcs. Berrian and his brother were two of the few villagers that escaped the attack alive, but they went their separate ways, with Berrian heading to the city of Everlund.

In Everlund, he was unable to find work at his young age, learning to fend for himself in the streets of the trade city, the training of his youth allowing him to use his body as a dangerous weapon against those that tried to harm him.

Eventually, Berrian’s nimbleness and ability to blend into a crowd got him the attention of the city’s guild of thieves, who insisted that, if Berrian was to continue stealing in their city, he must join them, or he’d be taken care of. Seeing little choice, he became a member of the Everlund thieves’ guild.

He has since reunited with is brother, a bounty hunter, and the two often help one another in their endeavours.

Berrian Nailo [Deceased]

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